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Your Business Ally
Tammy Van Gils, Transaction Coordinator, Bookkeeper, Writer, Everblooming Hope, Blogger, Virginia

Blogger & Writer

Why I write?

Because I've always loved how words creatively communicate a clear and concise message or story. 

Professionally, I'm a writer to communicate a succinct and vivid message in a dynamic way for the reader to easily comprehend and engage. 

Personally, I write to cultivate deep faith roots, inspire fresh hope, and encourage spiritual and emotional growth.

Need a guest blogger or your document edited? I've been writing my own blog for over 5 years. Peruse my past guest blogging posts and published contributor devotionals. 

Oh, and I have several books in my head that one day will hopefully be in print.

Want to learn more?

Take a trip over to my blog and read more about my writing journey and accomplishments. 

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I blog to inspire fresh insight and blooming hope. 

Two Awards won at 

Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writer's Conference

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