Your Business Ally
Your Business Ally
Tammy Van Gils, Bookkeeper, S & N Paint, Real Estate Transaction Coordinator, Writer, Virginia

Are you overwhelmed? Do you need more time?

What if bookkeeping is NOT your thing?

Well, it is mine. 

I've been keeping two company's books for over twenty years. I even keep my personal accounts in Quickbooks. And here's the reasons why?

  • Numbers don't lie. They give us honest answers like-- Did I make a profit on that job? How much was my insurance cost last year? Are my sales growing or stalling? Am I saving electricity with the new heat pump? You get the idea.
  • Accurate records are valuable. If you are notified of a tax audit, you will want exact records and real numbers. If you ever want to sell your business, you will need accurate numbers for the buyer. If you want to grow your business, how can you honestly compare without accurate numbers and reports.
  • Tax preparation is a breeze. No more dumping out the shoe box or overstuffed folders and taking hours to organize and add up bills and income. I can reconcile December, and begin printing year-end reports. Easy Peassy!

So stop dreading and putting off balancing your checkbook! 

Let me be your bookkeeper and save you precious time so you can do what you want. Find more clients, catch up on a hobby, or play with the kids.



"Tammy has a sound knowledge of Quickbooks and is open to learning new skills. She is organized, detailed, professional, and conscientious. I also value her honesty and trustworthiness. I look forward to working with her in the future." 

Lisa Carey Accounting, LLC 

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